The village rises up to a rocky limestone range at 480 metres above sea level. Down below, a wide valley appears like an amphitheatre with the highest Gennargentu mountaintops in the background.
Baunei is a village deeply attached to its traditions which you will discover in the local people, the typical products, the handicraft and in the white stones of its houses. It is the perfect destination for spending your holiday in total relaxation, the starting point for hiking paths through its extended area, and it is not far from the sea, from either Santa Maria Navarrese or Pedra Longa.

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Santa Maria Navarrese

The touristic centre and a village in Baunei, rich in history, natural attractions and accommodation for tourists, it has olive trees which are a thousand years old. One of which is thought to be the oldest in Europe. A must-see is the small medieval church. Legend has it that it was built in honour of the Princess of Navarra. The marina is a safe shelter for crafts and thus is the reference point for all excursions to the magnificent coves. Along a 40 kilometre coast, you can admire cliffs, pinnacles and vast woods overlooking the pure white beaches.

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Golgo basaltic plateau spreads over a vast valley not far from the village which is one of the most interesting areas with regards to the natural landscape.
The top must-sees are the XVII century church dedicated to the Apostle Saint Peter, the antropomorphic “betilo” (stone), Su Sterru chasm (a natural 280-metre deep pit, the deepest in Europe with a single span, “As Piscinas” (pools of rain water which attract the local fauna) and other archeologically interesting areas such as the Nuraghi “Coa e Serra”, “Orgoduri” and “Albu”.

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